Lemon Herb Noodles

Growing up, I always loved drinking my mother’s honey lemon tea. So if I must say, lemon and honey is one my absolute favorite combinations. Also, once in a blue moon, my mother would cook something with spam or make a tuna-fish sandwich. And when she does, I am one happy camper. Sorry for all the cliche sayings 😛 Here, I couldn’t choose between the two – spam or tuna…it literally took me a while to decide. Then I ended up just adding them both! Oh and I used these noodles because they were the closest thing I had, that had the texture and shape I wanted to use. My family usually buys it just for hot pot. So here are all these ingredients that remind me of home, but tastes nothing Chinese, ha. Regardless, the smell and taste of this is really over and beyond amazing. 


Vegetable Noodles (or linguine, angel hair pasta)
brown sugar
crushed red pepper
olive oil
(rice) vinegar

Other: thyme, rosemary (any herbs / spices)


  1. In a pot of boiling water, add noodles and cook for 3 mins. Then transfer noodles to a sieve to dry and drain out water.
  2. Sauce: Finely dice garlic. Combine lemon, honey, sugar, pepper, oil, oregano, and a few drops of vinegar (if using apple cider or regular vinegar, can add a bit more). Finely dice garlic and mix into sauce.
  3. Chop spam into small pieces. Rinse and drain tuna.
  4. Cook spam for 3 mins and add tuna to cook for 2 mins. Then add noodles and pour in sauce. Cover pan to cook for 3 mins. Add spinach on top and cover pan until spinach wilts down, or just mix in spinach.

Total Time: ~30 mins


Vegetable noodles (brand): shown left.


RecipeGirl – sweet lemon- glazed drumsticks

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