It was only until I moved away from home and NYC for college, that I began to appreciate the diversity of food, especially Chinese food. I took it for granted because I ate it on a daily basis. Now, being in the middle of nowhere for school, I constantly think of my mom’s cooking. (Expect to see her cooking videos in the future! Then we can all recreate them together). I also have to thank my mom for teaching me to not be picky with my food. Don’t be afraid to try to acquire the taste and don’t judge food by its appearance. Although I don’t like to eat some things, I manage gulp it down, because most of the time it’s nutritiously beneficial. (Parsley, soy milk, and fresh apricots are an absolute “no-no” for me though). I aim for my recipes to be more on the healthy side. And because I do enjoy home-cooked meals and baked goods, I do not use anything frozen, canned, premade, etc. I believe that taking that extra step to prepare everything from scratch really is worth it – you’ll be even more proud to say you made that yummy edible arrangement after putting in all that TLC .

I also have a real sweet tooth, if you can’t tell already. Candy makes me feel like a kid at heart. Cookies, especially the giant ones, make me just want to grab it and munch away. Cake makes me feel extra special like every day is my birthday. Tarts make me feel uber fancy. Sweets allow me to experience the simple pleasures in life and allow me to recollect the reason behind why every day is a special one. I hope to share that feeling with you all, virtually, and from my kitchen.

So that’s the gist about me. From this, you can probably see the pattern of my recipes and predict what’s coming out next. Hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy updating it.

Thank you for your interest,


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love candy too, and cake and trying out new things, so I shall be visiting your blog to try out new things. Have a Happy Easter!

    • After always making the same few things, I’ve finally started expanding my recipes. Hope you enjoy! And Happy Easter to you too!

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