50 exercise – 50 eat well



  • I passionately love going to the gym. I think the gym is full of fun and I can stay there for hours without stopping my workout. The hardest part is just getting to the gym. I lift weights, cardio, ab workouts, sports (although I’m not good at playing), etc.
  • I have the most ridiculously smallest stomach ever. I can get full after 3-5 bites of an entree. I can get full just drinking my beloved fat-free milk or small americano…no kidding. My biggest problem is overeating (because my parents have engraved it into my mind, that I should always finish my food. And I always feel like eating after every hour even though I’m not hungry) and carbs (dessert, bread, noodles).

I exercise 6 times a week for 30 minutes – 3 hours.
I used to workout in the gym myself, and thought go with others would be distracting. Boy, was I so wrong. I found the best workout partner ever! We started a group. I lead the workout group (majority girls), and I’m also a part of another workout group (majority guys) as well. But really, my partner and I always go together no matter what – we do not slack and we both love exercising in the gym. We’re both just as determined to lose weight – she wants to get down to my weight, and I want to lose ~20 lbs – as well as gain muscle. So others can come and go with us if they like. My partner and I are such a great team because I would push her to add more weights or do more cardio, and she would push me to do more sets. If absolutely everyone decides to slack and not go to the gym with me, I will reserve the lower dance studio in the gym to do Insanity. Or in the comfort of my own room, I would run in place (with or without weights) for 20-45 mins while watching my Hong Kong drama. MWF: Full body workout including cardio and weights, TS: Insanity videos, Th: Biking/Pool // MWFS: Cardio, TTh: Weights (specific body parts each day), Sunday: Rest

For one meal, I can eat whatever I like, remembering to control the portion to one serving. If that meal naturally comes in a big portion, separate it into 2 meals or more instead. Or if I decide to indulge on dessert, I will only have at most half of it to satisfy my craving. But every following meal after indulgence will be absolutely healthy, avoiding anything with carbs and/or sugar. So really, I would have one filling meal and the rest of the day I would be snacking on healthy goods. Breakfast: Fruit, Lunch: Sweet Potato, Dinner: “a little bit of everything”.

How to stay consistent? After the first week, I started getting used to it and was very excited about this whole exercising business. But I can’t lie, I do need all the motivation I can get to continue on. On the lock screen of my phone, I have a cartoon that says “pork belly,” so it reminds me that I’m trying to lose the fat on my body. During the second week, I can already tell my legs were getting toned. By the end of the second week, I see a little bit more toning on my arms and legs, maybe even lost a bit of fat. Seeing these changes make me naturally think twice about what I eat – if I eat healthier, I will see better results and be a step closer to my goal. I have a post-it on my laptop that says “don’t eat unless you are hungry”. At the gym, the heavier people make me think – I can do better than him/her. Also at the gym, the skinnier people make me think – I can lift heavier weights. Lastly at the gym, the fit people make me think – my goal is that body type. I’m not judging or trying to offend any of these people, but I keep that mindset in order to motivate myself to work harder. Just simply after my gym workout, I naturally want to eat healthier. Sometimes my hunger would end up going away, or all I want is something cold (most likely fruit or a drink). Definitely, after pushing through 2 weeks, this all becomes a habit.

This is my healthy dieting way. I actually find it quite enjoyable.

I know many people who diet and just focus on the “eating” portion of the diet instead. Just thinking about controlling my eating habits in a more extreme way, is nearly impossible for me. Unlike me, a lot of people don’t like exercising, going to gym, cardio. But it’s more of a long-term process if you just eat healthy and not exercise. Another tip is to not deprive yourself from anything. I tried to eliminate sweets from my palate and I was completely depressed. I would be thinking 24/7 about that, or even all the unhealthy food. It really drove me crazy. Others say you can slowly decrease the amount of unhealthy food you consume to the point where you won’t care for it anymore. But again, that’s nearly impossible for me to do. It goes the same for starving yourself. That is not a smart idea because after starving, you’ll end up eating more of everything, meaning starvation was pointless. And why would you want to weaken yourself?!

A few extra tips – I don’t eat while watching TV or listening to music because they distract you from knowing whether or not you are actually full. It also helps to brush your teeth after every meal because it prevents you from snacking too often and thinking you’re still hungry. And I do not store any unhealthy foods in my living space in order to avoid unnecessary temptations.

This page means a lot to me, so I hope this is helpful and a fun read for you all. Feel free to comment or share your own “diet”!

I actually drafted this entry back on May 1st, followed by 6 revisions. Finally thought it was time to publish…after a few more revisions haha. This includes the things I did at school and at home. Within 2 months, I managed to lose a solid 13-16 pounds, meaning ~3 lbs/wk. I’m nearing my goal weight, but will work from there to see if I need to go further or to start focusing on building muscle. I hope you’ll support and encourage me on my journey~~ 


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