To those of you who would love to deliver a full (fool-proof) meal to that special someone, you have found the right place. Yes, everything will be a-okay even if it’s your first step into the kitchen to prep, cook, and bake. And yes, everything will still be a-okay if it’s your countless time presenting a dish failure that took you all day in the kitchen to whip out. Why? Because I assure you, following my recipes will help you impress those who doubted your skills.

So what’s my history with cooking and baking? Well, to be honest, it has taken me about five years to finally say that I can bake. I know it sounds crazy, but for some reason, most of the recipes I tried online didn’t seem to work out for me. However, that didn’t stop me. Only recently did I notice how determined and persistent I was during that time. I entered the kitchen, full of confidence and passion, that my final product will turn out amazing. I would say that watching a ton of Youtube videos, Food Network, and whatnot, definitely helped more than reading a bunch of directions. I was able to learn the ways of baking and gain inspiration for cooking ideas. Moving on to cooking, it satisfied.  It’s really up to your taste and playing around with the ingredients you already have on hand. That’s why, for cooking recipes, I’m only going to  list the ingredients, not the measurements. You can regulate the measurements on your own, trust me and just “eyeball it.” Unlike baking, you don’t have to worry about every step. If you make a cooking mistake, it’s fixable. Whereas baking, you become paranoid over whether or not you simply over-mixed, added too much or little of something, and therefore you just completely ruined it. With that being said, I have been through it all, from failure to success. Don’t be worried when recreating my recipes – if I can do it, so can you!

How is this blog different from the gazillion other ones you can find in cyberspace? First off, although I am not uploading videos, which is way better than reading a blog, I will be posting pictures that scream “food porn.” With once glance, they’ll confirm how awesome the recipe is. The pictures will show the texture of the dish, which I find most important. Seriously, a recipe without pictures means you will most likely being skipping it. I will be listing tips, if needed, to guide you through and prevent any disasters. Each entry will be concise – I will spare you from having to scroll down to find the recipe at the end of the post because I won’t be writing long introduction stories. Last but not least, every recipe will definitely be quick and easy to do – you won’t need to go out buying a load of ingredients (cost efficiency ex. no one wants to use numerous eggs and sticks of butter for one plate), there wouldn’t be many instructions, and hopefully not a lot of prep work or cleaning.

To end this off, I truly hope to share my love for baking and cooking will you all. And I hope you will join me in my food adventures. As I test out and consolidate new recipes from all other chefs and bakers, I will be updating you all with my tweaked up version of it. Be excited and anticipate! There will be a plethora of brunch, dessert, Asian food, and other purely self-invented menus coming our way~

Wishing you all the best,


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