Camping Meals

It’s been a very long time since I’ve last posted. But it’s mainly since the pandemic that I haven’t been inspired to cook much.

Earlier this week, my partner and I went away to Autocamp Cape Cod for 3 days 2 nights. It was our belated birthday trip. I didn’t plan much besides food, going to the beach for sunrise, biking, and having him teach me how to play volleyball. It was as relaxing as a trip can get. But I’m super proud of the menu I came up with and was even happier to see him love the food as well. Cooking is something we both enjoy doing.

Buying a 2-burner stove was the best purchase ever. Personally, all I essentially need to cook with is a pot and a pan- they both fit perfectly side by side. On Sunday night, we made a creamy shrimp pasta in the dark outdoors. He prepped the shrimp and cooked pasta as I made the sauce and put the rest of it together. I originally got the recipe from a vlog on Youtube and only the process was shown with no measurements. So this was really just an inspiration/recreation.

(1) Separate shrimp heads from the body (2) Marinade shrimp body with minced garlic, old bay seasoning, and black pepper (2) Cook shrimp body, take them out and then partially cook the heads and take those out as well (3) Stir fry sun dried tomatoes and garlic (4) Add some pasta water and half&half and put the shrimp heads back in (5) Once the sauce has reached the desired consistency and flavor, remove the heads and stir in the shrimp and pasta (basil optional, and garnish with oregano or chili flakes).

Monday was a lox everything bagel for breakfast, fish tacos and scallops for lunch (featuring my sister’s pickles and scallops bought the day of from a local seafood market), cup ramen for dinner. And throughout the day, we sipped on the grapefruit green tea that I prepped on Sunday morning back at home.

He seasoned the tilapia fillets with old bay, black pepper, and lime. Then breaded them with a frying mix and panko. After he was done frying all the fillets, I heated the pan with oil and seasoned the scallops with black pepper. I seared the scallops for 2mins on both sides and added slices of garlic to fry as well. Give it a squeeze of lemon. The salad on the side was simply mozzarella balls, heirloom tomatoes, power greens salad mix, balsamic vinegar, and lemon. Grapefruit green tea was made with 4 packs of tea in ~6 cups of water, steeped for 4mins, 6 tbsp of honey, one fresh grapefruit juice, and garnished with one sliced grapefruit. To assemble the fish tacos, we toasted the flour tortillas as we ate, layered it with shredded cheese, half a fillet, sliced red onions, pickled radish/cucumber/carrot, and a sprinkling of lime.

Tuesday morning, we finished the rest of the ingredients to make another lox bagel to share. It was amazing.

everything bagel, original cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, dill

Some other ideas for next time- instead of a salad, I would want to roast veggies (like broccolini) and maybe bring a cast iron grill to place on top of the burners to barbecue.

As a tip, I would suggest bringing less seasoning (get a premix or make your own blend) or herbs just to keep it simple and from going bad. Camping during autumn is more chilly. But there are significantly less bugs and during the day it’s warm and beautiful. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for another trip outdoors!

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