Exactly one week from today, I will be graduating university! Coincidentally today, I cooked my last “legit” meal here.


I used the last bit of the peanut sauce I made and finished off my bag pf quinoa. I actually find it super convenient to premake sauces and keep them in the fridge. It makes the process of cooking faster. So here I smeared the sauce on top of a chicken breast (bone in, skin on). Since it was a thick sauce, I was afraid that it might burn in the oven- but it didnt. Then for the quinoa, I simply seasoned it with lemon, rice vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, white pepper, cayenne, and basil. The turnout of the quinoa was really good and complemented with the pb chicken very well!

Although I did start this blog during my third year in college, I cannot wait to begin a new chapter and share recipes off-campus. I have a feeling it will go from single serving recipes that you all are accustomed to seeing here, to more family style recipes. Hope you all are as excited as me for the upcoming series I come up with!

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