April Recap

The countdown officially begins! To graduating and saying farewell to Rochester. To reuniting with good ol’ friends, being back home in NYC, and starting a new job. I am too excited. So I’ve already packed one carry-on and I’m trying to finish everything in my pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Starting off with, the very quick and easy miso soup. Except here, I added my favorite noodles.



Quinoa salad is what I gravitate towards for lunch because it doesn’t have to be reheated.image

Bibim-naengmyun! Although, I wish i soft-boiled the egg and julienned the veggies properly. image

On this day, this was literally my first and last meal. I marinated the wings overnight and since the moment I woke up the next day, I was looking forward to baking these up. image

Through Youtube, I learned of what ‘biang biang mian’ (or 油潑扯麵) is. I altered it based on the ingredients I had on hand. But generally, I do not think the concept of these noodles suit my palate because it is definitely an oily dish. image

A can of of Goya coconut milk has been sitting in my pantry since the beginning of the year. Finally, I have opened it and decided to use it with my last curry block to stir some curry fish ball spaghetti, topped with cheese. For the fish balls, in addition to the remaining curry in the skillet, I splashed in a bit of vinegar and soy sauce. This was just because I wanted to add a little “dimension” to the dish, instead of having plain curry spaghetti.   image

With that leftover coconut milk, I also used it to make the last of my oatmeal. Since that actually more than my regular serving, I stored the rest in the fridge for the next day to act as ‘overnight oats’.  image

This chia pudding used the very last of the coconut milk. I have made chia pudding twice, ages ago, but failed. I think it’s because I didn’t add enough chia seeds. But after briefly watching one Youtube video, I learned that the ratio should be 1/4 cup of chia seeds to 3/4 cup milk, to make 1 cup of pudding. So by eying the ratio, I might have added too many chia seeds, but hey- at least it solidified this time! image

Similar to my pineapple fried rice recipe, I cooked pineapple spaghetti instead. I actually got the veggies from the Business building because they had an event where there were peppers and celery leftover. image

May I call this the highlight dish to end the month off with? I have a lot of bean curd sheets sitting in my freezer. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to use them all before 5/20. The only time I usually eat something with bean curd sheets if it’s for hot pot, at dim sum, or at a Shanghai restaurant. So here I got a bit creative and put a twist on the concept of onigiri. I wrapped purple fried rice that had kimchi, beef, pickled radish, and broccoli in these sheets and pan fried them on both sides. They were dipped with Kewpie mayo. When it comes to wrapping anything (eg. sushi, wontons), I associate it as a family task. But this, I did alone, so it was a tedious process, but worth it. image

This may be the last ‘Monthly Recap’. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll have any new content for May because half of it will probably be reusing these recipes, or ones that I have already featured in previous months. Also, the latter half of the month will most likely be checking off Yelp bookmarked restaurants or eating mom’s homecooked meals. But in June, instead of these Monthly Recaps, I aim to get back into providing new recipes and hopefully start a ‘Mom’s Secrets’ series? I really hope to learn how to cook from my mom and become more familiar with the vast peculiar ingredients of Hong Kong cuisine. If that does happen, of course I have to keep note of it here!

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