February Recap

This past month has been pretty much based around these thick knife-cut noodles, which are absolute LOVE (in my opinion).

As you can tell, I have also been obsessively sprinkling sesame seeds to top off every dish. I felt like it completed every dish beautifully. To my defense, this was the month of Chinese New Year- I remember that during this time of the year, my mom would sprinkle sesame seeds on top of our vegetarian breakfasts. On the top left, the focal point of the dish is the lotus root. It is also an ingredient that I recall being on our Chinese New Year’s table. I typically don’t enjoy eating it, but in the recent years, I find myself liking it if stir-fried. On the top right is a peanut noodle twist because I substituted the peanut butter with almond butter instead! Almond butter is also a taste I acquired over the past few months. I have been experimenting between different nut butters as alternatives for peanut.

Now moving onto the bottom left is my version of an ‘all-purpose’ lemon vinaigrette. I used it to make cold noodles that time- we are nearing the warmer seasons! (I might’ve gotten a little ahead of myself there though). And on the bottom right is a Korean-inspired “bibim-noodle”. Must I add that anything with cheese is better?


Moving away from noodles, I honestly just bought that pineapple with the single desire to make pineapple fried rice. This might’ve been the first time where I didn’t look up any authentic recipes to combine into my ultimate version and just “went for it” instead.


I have avoided buckwheat soba for a while, until now. I decided to give it a second chance and discovered that I seem to like it if it’s at a cold noodle state! This was made with my special lemon vinaigrette again…it’s just that good.


Lastly, from time to time, I treat myself to a cup of coffee milk tea. I didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but it’s my mom’s preference. I made it for her on a whim back in December/January and she absolutely loved it- the coffee and tea flavor is so prominent that you can’t get the same quality at a Chinese bakery- that critique was definitely a touch to my heart. As I grew out of my kid phase, I grew to be a coffee fanatic, so of course this combo of coffee and milk tea has become a favorite of mine as well. Here, I added roses to end off a chill Friday night.


This wraps up the month of February and onto March! I hope you readers enjoy this kind of entry format from me. To me, this seems very different because I am used to the more formal style of writing (and when editing friends’ papers), whereas this is way more casual. I think it brings something refreshingly new to the table with more character.

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