Finally got a hold of green plantains! And with the courtesy of my friend, whom I bumped into at the market on campus, she paid for my purchase. Good thing for extra money on her meal plan haha. Not to also mention, it seems like forever since I last served something on a plate. (I always love buying bowls and mugs, but now I think I should move on to plates too?) Can’t wait to be back home in two months, where I have proper kitchen tools and gadgets to adapt more diverse recipes 🙂

green plantain

1. Chop off ends of plantain and slice its skin vertically to peel off. Slice plaintain into disks.
2. Fry plantains for 3mins on each side, then transfer to a paper towel to drain off excess oil. Pound plantains flat and rinse under water.
(3. Stir together 1tsp minced garlic and 1 cup water. Rinse fried plantains in garlic water.)
4. Fry again on both sides until golden brown. Sprinkle salt (garlic powder and serve with garlic sauce).

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