Miso Dressing

I couldn’t fall asleep! It was probably because of stress, having gone for a half hour run for the second time within the same day, and being hungry from not eating much all day in general. I was just very energetic yesterday and wasn’t that hungry, so didn’t manage to have proper meals. imageEven though I was starving past midnight, I really didn’t want to get out of bed and cook because of the late hour and I usually wake up before 9am without an alarm, no matter how late I sleep anyways. I only had to endure a few more hours. So I came up with this recipe whilst in bed at 4am. Why miso? Because I feel like there’s always something missing when using miso for either sauce or soup; a lack of dimensional flavor, if that makes any sense. It was a challenge to me. I kept thinking about what I have and can mix in with miso to bring out an extra beautiful flavor that would balance the saltiness as well.
Of course my natural instincts wake me up at 7:38am…This morning, I decided to make an Asian breakfast feast which consisted of- vermicelli, Chinese vegetable, Chinese sausage, dumplings, and a poached egg. It all matched perfectly with this miso sauce/dressing. It’s always so tempting to add a bit of spice, but I decided to refrain. As a self-proclaimed noodle queen, I believe that it is essential to have a few staple versatile sauces. And it so happens that this will now be a part of the repertoire.

miso paste
sesame oil
rice vinegar
(optional: white pepper, white sesame seeds)

Add a tablespoon or two of water for a looser consistency.

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