Sweet Potato Fries


Baked, crispy, that’s all.

(extra virgin) olive oil
black pepper
spices (cayenne, cumin, onion, basil)


1. Scrub skin of yam until clean, then dry it off with a towel and microwave yam for 2mins. Thinly slice yam. imageDrizzle oil and season yams with spices.
2. Preheat oven to 425°F and place pan inside to heat up. (Line the pan with aluminum foil).
3. After preheating, take pan out and place one layer of yams on. Bake for 15mins on one side, and another 15mins on the other side.


Why does almost every restaurant make thick-cut sweet potato fries? I personally prefer them to be shoestring style because of the crispiness and the starch content is not as overwhelming 😎 How do you like your fries?

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