Sweet Potato Pancakes (with red bean filling)


If there is one thing that I can eat every day, literally, it would be sweet potatoes. And my favorite has got to be the purple kind. I have eaten them so often to the point that I’m surprised I’m not sick of them yet. So here is another recipe that really doesn’t require any measurements. Hopefully the pictures are helpful though! Enjoy~

imageglutinous rice flour
(sweetened red bean)

1. Boil yam(s) for 45mins~1hr, depending on size. Place in refrigerator for at least 5mins before handling. Remove the skin and mash completely. Mix in a dash of salt and two heaping spoons of sugar. Gradually mash in flour until dough is not sticky anymore. Divide dough into balls.
(2. Red bean filled: Shape ~1/2 tsp of red beans into balls. Flatten yam dough and place red bean imageon top. Pinch opposite sides of dough into the middle to form it back into a ball.)
2. Under medium-low heat, add a bit of oil to a non-stick pan. Place ball into pan. After 2~3mins, flip ball to another side and flatten until the height of pancake is still only slightly thick. Cook for another 2~3mins and flip again. Make sure all sides are golden brown.
3. Blot oil from pancakes with paper towels (and serve with a drizzle of honey).
Prep Time: 10mins


– If you can easily poke a chopstick all the way through the yam, it is cooked.
– Adjust sugar level based on how sweet the yam originally is.
– Quantity of flour to yam is about 1.3:1, so flour has just a little over the same amount as yam.
– Have a towel to wipe off remaining red bean from hands, prior to wrapping the red bean filled dough back into a ball, to ensure a clean outer dough surface.
– Make one pancake at a time and if pan gets too hot, lower heat.

One yam (size approximately shown in a takeout container lid below, ~6in long and ~2in wide), 10 pancakes






I made these especially to pack away as treats for my friends 🙂

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