Cookie in a Mug

First off, don’t hate me – this recipe is all just eyeballing, with no exact measurements. Recently, I’ve been feeling like a real cookie connoisseur. I judge cookies so seriously and can tell whether or not they’ll be good, just from the look of them. It’s all about texture. So now it has also come to the point where I can determine if the cookie batter is the “right consistency”. The right consistency being that the baked cookie will turn out well. The experience I have with baking and eating dessert…for me, there is no limit or self-control whatsoever.

Second, I already have a cookie in a mug recipe here. But! This one is eggless. Right off the bat, this recipe is as easy as it gets. All can be done in pretty much a step which is a must try.


1 spoon salted butter spread
1 spoon granulated sugar
1 spoon (orange blossom) honey
dash of vanilla
1 spoon (2%) milk
3.5 spoons all-purpose flour
1 chopped mini Midnight Milky Way
1 chopped mini 3 Musketeers

Melt butter in microwave for 10secs. Add all ingredients and mix together. Bake in microwave for 30~40secs.

– I stayed consisent with the spoon I used to measure, as shown in second picture above. However, Iimage measured a little less than a full spoon every time.
– Add enough flour until you get a thick or glossy consistency.
– You can substitute the butter for 1.5 spoon of canola oil.


2 thoughts on “Cookie in a Mug

    • Under the packaged cookies category, can never say ‘no’ to oreos though haha. They’re evil! But this is especially good for portion control. And my favorite cookie to bake by far, is my most recent one – Oatmeal Choco. Chip 😉

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