A1 Steak

This was my very first time cooking steak. My mom gave me this task because she was too busy to prepare dinner. My biggest worry, with any meat in general, is overcooking it. On the spot, I came up with this marinade that seemed fool-proof. As I was cutting into this, my mom came by and took a piece. At first I thought she didn’t like the taste of it. But to my surprise, she said it was delicious. (Apparently, my eldest sister burnt it before. So kudos to me for not burning the house, haha.) My aunt loved it as well – perfectly cooked. I’m so glad it turned out with a bit of red still in the center!



worcestershire sauce
distilled white vinegar
shiaoxing wine
brown sugar
plum sauce

1. Rinse steak and pat dry with paper towel.
2. Marinade: worcestershire, ketchup, vinegar, wine, sugar, salt, plum sauce.
3. Oil pan and add minced garlic. Under medium heat, fry garlic.
4. Under medium heat, sear steak for 4mins with a lid slightly covered. Lower heat and flip steak to cook for 3mins, and add a bit of marinade on top. Under high heat, add remaining marinade around steak to cook for 2 mins. Turn off heat and cover with lid completely. Allow steak to rest for a minute. Cut fairly thin and serve.

Garlic was an impromptu addition – you can add it to the marinade instead of cooking it separately.

Include a bit of green for more color! 😉

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