Spicy Pork Cabbage Wraps

“Dieting” can be tough, but I try to make it enjoyable. This week, I wanted to minus my intake of carbs as much as possible. So switching up the proteins every other day was a good plan. (More on my fun and healthy diet, when I succeed by the end of May!) This might beat any meat or seafood dish I have made thus far. This is original, don’t know how I came up with it, but tastes familiar.



ground pork
sesame oil
white vinegar
Optional: lemon, eggs, shredded cheese

1. Sauce: Combine miso, water, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, and minced garlic.
2. Filling: Rinse pork. In a pan, cook until half of pork forms a bit of color and add sauce. Cover pan with lid to cook, then add kimchi (and squeeze lemon juice). Cover pan again to cook for a few more minutes, then turn heat off.
3. Wash cabbage leaves and place on top of filling. Cover lid with heat off, to cook leaves a bit.
(4. Oil another pan, crack egg and sprinkle cheese. Cook until medium-well with lid on.)
5. Assemble: leaf, filling, sauce, (egg)

Be generous with the lemon

There isn’t much of a miso flavor that can be tasted, but it does add desired saltiness.


I would have rather preferred to ground my own pork because it will ensure greater freshness, but only grounded pork was the only option in my school’s market…but other than that, I am satisfied. Also, my friend approved of this wrap – she complimented on how good it tasted after eating, and the day after as well!

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