Drunken Salmon

I haven’t cooked in a very very long time, thus have not been monitoring or updating this blog. To all who have stopped by while I was missing in action, thank you – I’m incredibly thankful. I moved from apartments (last year) back to dorms (this year), so the thought of using a communal kitchen has unmotivated me from trying out new recipes. Honestly, I recently have the urge to cook because I am determined to finally lose my desired number of pounds. My tactic is to cook healthy meals and stray away from limited campus food options. With my meal plan, I bought fresh ingredients to whip up something quick and easy, that would last me the next 3 days. By cooking things off in the oven, there’s less clean up afterwards! One of the things I bought were salmon fillets. This was a big move, because I never thought I would eat, let alone cook, fish for myself. The only time I would eat fish is if my mom tells me to! So I am very proud of myself and was pleasantly surprised that this turned out quite tasty! I like my seafood to be very light – the seafood is the focal point of the dish especially since it tends to be pricey. I didn’t want the sauce to be too overpowering. So I suddenly thought of a Chinese dish, drunken chicken, and thought the marinade for it would work just as well for fish as well…


salmon fillet
shaoxing wine
distilled white vinegar
white pepper
black pepper


  1. Marinade: Mix minced garlic, sliced onion, wine, vinegar, grounded peppers, salt.
  2. Rinse salmon fillet and pat dry with paper towels. In an highly heated and oiled pan, grill fillet for 1-2 mins on the skin-side.
  3. In an oiled pan, pour half of marinade. Place fillet on top of marinade, and spread the remaining marinade on top of the fillet. Crack egg into pan.
  4. Slice lemon and place on top of the fillet. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the fillet.

Prep Time: ~20 mins, Broil Time: 3~5 mins.


Lemon was an impromptu add. I tasted a bit of the broiled fish and it definitely needed that tang of lemon. So I ran out to buy one and caramelized the slice on an oiled pan on the stove.

One thought on “Drunken Salmon

  1. Salmon is a good food choice, if you’re watching your weight. Nutritionists recommend eating “fish” at least 3X a week (or more!), and salmon’s Omega-3 fat is good fat to consume. I love making and eating salmon!

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