Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Every time I go to a Vietnamese restaurant, ordering iced coffee with my pho or vermicelli is a must. I finally got myself a French press, so exciting! So now I can make this whenever I please šŸ˜€


2 tbsp ground coffee (Cafe Du Monde)
2 tbsp condensed milk


  1. In a small cup, add milk. Lay coffee press filter on top of cup and add ground coffee. Tighten press onto coffee and add water (50-80% of the way). Steep until all water is drained, or longer.
  2. Stir coffee with milk. In a large mug, fill with ice cubes and pour in coffee.

Serves 1.


Steamy Kitchen – Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da)


The unnecessary trouble I went through to make this – Yesterday, I had just enough cash to pay for the ground coffee at the HK supermarket in Chinatown. Today, the one time I want ice cubes, there weren’t any in the freezer…so I had to make some and wait until they were ready to use…even though the coffee wasn’t steaming hot anymore, it was still good. I was going to pour it into ice anyways!

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