I truly believe that sesame seeds would make a difference here. If only I had some right now 😦 Oh and I nearly forgot to add spinach, so I had to go back to the kitchen and cook some up. Perfect!


sweet potato starch noodles
(red) onion
red bell pepper (or carrot!)
(dried) mushrooms
chicken breast (or beef!)
soy sauce
sesame oil
black pepper
sesame seeds


  1. Boil water and cook noodles for 3 mins. Drain noodles and place back in pot (or in a bowl).
  2. (Soak mushrooms for at least 1 hr). Slice onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms. (Dice garlic and chop scallions).
  3. Whip egg and cook as a thin egg sheet. Roll it up on a cutting board and slice into thin strips.
  4. Slice chicken into strips as well. Cook chicken for 2 mins. Set aside.
  5.  Cook onion, bell pepper, (garlic, scallions,) mushrooms for 5 mins. Turn off heat and mix in spinach (and scallions).
  6. To noodles, (use hands to) mix in vegetables, chicken, and egg. Also mix in soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, and sugar, to taste.
  7. Sprinkle sesame seeds.

Total Time: ~40 mins


Maangchi – Japchae (stir fried noodles with vegetables)



Place leftovers in a plastic Chinese takeout container 😉

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