Chicken Guacamole Pasta

Yes, I know…what a weird combination. My new spin on pasta. It actually tastes quite decent – an ultimate healthy meal. I would say to try this with pasta or bread.


(Rotini) Pasta
Chicken Breast
Red Bell Pepper
(canned/fresh) corn kernels
(canned/fresh) black beans


  1. Defrost chicken and cut into bite-size pieces.
  2. Boil pasta for ~8mins, then rinse and drain.
  3. Chop pepper into small pieces.
  4. Cook chicken, pepper, kale, and spinach (separately, but reusing same pan. Add oil, if necessary).
  5. Guacamole: In a bowl, mash avocado and squeeze juice from lemon. Cut tomato into small pieces, getting rid of “liquidy seed part,” and add to bowl. Add corn and beans as well.
  6. Mix chicken, pepper, kale, spinach, and guacamole into pasta.

Total Time: ~1hr


Serve cold.

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