Epic Spicy Ramen

MSG goodness. You really can’t reject ramen as a meal sometimes. It’s cheap, quick, and easy. Plus, there’s a variety of ramen to choose from! Here’s a recipe if you can’t choose between noodles or rice 😉 This dish can be so versatile, depending on what you add to it. 



Other: sesame oil, soy sauce, dumplings, poached egg, vegetables, … (any condiments and sauces)


  1. In a pot, add enough rice to cover the bottom of pot in one layer. Rinse rice and add amount of water needed to cook ramen. Stir in seasoning (that came with ramen packet, and other sauces to liking). (Add dumplings). Cook rice for 6 mins.
  2. (Crack in egg, to poach). Add ramen and cook for 2 mins. (Add vegetables).


Soup base may be quickly absorbed by rice. To serve, separate the broth from all other ingredients. (So one bowl – broth, second bowl- noodles, rice, etc.)


– Ramen brand: shown left. (My personal favorite…love spicy, “thick” noodles, and anything seafood [besides fish]).
– Picture above was taken when I made this recipe last September.

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