No longer do you specifically have to go to a restaurant, maybe forcibly invite a friend, to have s’mores for dessert~ Within a few minutes, you can make it and devour it, right at home, whenever you please! 


2 (Honey) Graham Crackers
1 large marshmallow
1 (dark chocolate) Hershey’s bar


  1. On a stove top, turn up to medium high heat. Using a skewer or silverware, secure the marshmallow. Once one side of the marshmallow has browned, turn to the other side and keep repeating until entire marshmallow is toasted.
  2. Place chocolate on top of 1 cracker and microwave for 20 secs.
  3. With the help of the second cracker, remove marshmallow from utensil to place on top of chocolate. And eat!

Serves 1


– Toasting the marshmallow on stove-top should only take ~2 mins.
– Do not microwave marshmallows! They will turn to a taffy-like texture when cooled.
– Recipe can be multiplied for more servings.

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