Super Salad

Let’s start adding salads to our diet! For me, a salad must have variety—a variety of colors and flavors. Sometimes, the way the condiments are chopped can make the overall salad look appealing and fun. (You can probably tell I like the pyramid cut shape). Also, if you’re making the decision to eat a salad, the basis of healthy eating, you might as well stick with that idea and have a natural dressing to go along with it. Ditch that bottled French dressing or the Thousand Island dressing, as tempting as they may be, because it’ll add up on calories…I’m pretty sure you’re eating a salad just to cut down on those calories.

I have finally gotten myself to make my own salad, instead of buying one (or waiting for someone to make it for me). It wasn’t as time-consuming as I thought it’d be. Barely any washing involved, besides washing as the prep work. The chopping business is just a bit tedious, but on a brighter note, it can all be done on one cutting board! And tell me you don’t think this looks amazing and that wouldn’t want to eat this. Stay healthy and fit 🙂

Ingredients IMG_20130213_192842

sweet potato
chicken breast
(extra virgin) olive oil
dried mushrooms
(frozen) broccoli

Other condiments: Craisins, nuts, olives, chick peas, corn, avocado, kale, cauliflower (optional)

Other dressing: pureed fruit, lemon + heated (extra virgin) olive oil (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350/375F and bake sweet potato for ~1 hr, or until cooked through.
  2. Hard-boiled eggs: In a pot, under high heat, boil the eggs for 5 mins.
  3. Marinade chicken: Chop chicken into bite-sized pieces. Dice garlic finely and add a bit of oil to the chicken. Set aside in refrigerator.
  4. Soak mushrooms in water for at least 1 hr. Save the broth!
  5. Chop tomatoes, peeled cucumbers, peeled apples, eggs, sweet potato. Squeeze lemon on apples to prevent them from “browning,” and on cucumbers to provide more flavor. Squeeze water out of mushrooms and chop them as well.
  6. Under medium heat, cook chicken until half way through and then add enough mushroom broth to cover bottom of pan. Add mushrooms, a squeeze of lemon, and broccoli. Cook for ~5 mins. There should be still a bit of “dressing” leftover in the pan to use.
  7. Mix everything in one big bowl, or portion everything by wet and dry to save for later. (See pictures below as reference…although I would put the egg and sweet potato together instead. Maybe also separate the dressing from everything, in order to pour over the salad as a final optional touch).

Total Time: 35 mins

I personally like the green veggies in my salad to be either partially cooked, or completely cooked. I can eat them raw, but it’s not as appetizing for me. So go ahead and make your unique salad that caters your plate~


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